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Providing Credit Card Terminals & Services since 1992

Our Services


We offer a complete line of credit card processing systems from the major manufacturers. Our machines are generally capable of both IP (high-speed internet) and Dial-up so whether you have Cable, DSL or an Analog Phone System, we have equipment to meet your needs. Equipment and Supplies are generally shipped within 24 hours, and received at your location in your time frame.


We are in the office to be your personal assistants. Although we have 24/7 support from our processing center, we prefer to assist you directly when at all possible. Most questions you will ever have can be answered by a simple phone call to our office. We even give you our mobile phones, so that in an emergency we can be reached after office hours.


Businesses located in the Albuquerque & Santa Fe Area can expect expert installation at their location. Businesses in other areas will have equipment shipped free of charge to their location and will receive telephone training and installation assistance.


We listen to your needs and then customize a program to fit you. In the 22 years we have been in business I have yet to meet two business owners who had exactly the same needs or plans. We understand that, and we will meet your needs and make recommendations to help you use the tool of Merchant Credit Card acceptance to your advantage. You are an expert in your field, and we like to use our expertise to make your job just that much easier.

What Makes Us Unique?


In support of various organizations in the community we have special prorgams for non-profit organizations who are looking to accept credit cards for one-time events, or recurring events that do not need ongoing services. We offer low cost alternatives, and are often able to donate services or equipment in support of the organization.


We service merchants with Seasonal Businesses such as Fireworks Stands, Christmas Tree Lots, Valentine Singing Telegrams, and Pumpkin Patches to name a few. We offer Month to Month Accounts, which give you the flexibility to Start and Stop your business with minimal efforts and expenses. Use us when you need us, but not when you don't!


We offer rentals to existing customers for special or seasonal events. Some merchants also decide to buy a refurbished unit to keep on hand for these occasions.


We stock supplies of hard-to-find paper rolls, cables, wall mounts, imprinters and drafts. We even have printer ribbons and ink.


We offer free telephone consulations and trouble shooting for ALL merchants in need. We have been in business since 1992, serving New Mexico since 1996, and we not only know credit card equipment, we know the industry, and are able to offer support, and customize a solution that will work best for you.